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Openings story

‘We are about to become a true European university’
Màrius Martínez, president of ECIU University

 Opening Story

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Latest news and developments

 Sander Lotze

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‘We are not nearly finished’
Lise Thorup-Pedersen and Niall Power on 25 years ECIU

 Lise Thorup Pedersen

Picture gallery

25 years of ECIU in pictures


Meet our people

Meet some of our enthusiastic colleagues 

 Christine Bauhofer


‘A different perspective is good for institutions’
Harry de Boer on 20 years Leadership Development Programme

 Harry Boer

For students

‘A perfect experience’
Students on challenge-based learning


For researchers

‘Smart-ER is a milestone further’
Pádraig Murphy on joint research programme SMART-ER

 Pádraig Murphy

For stakeholders

‘Collaborating with students is valuable’
 Àngels Guiteras Mestres on cooperating with ECIU University

 Àngels Mestres

Our member universities

 ECIU map Europe

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