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ECIU University Magazine is a publication of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) and was created in collaboration with U-Today, the independent journalistic medium at the University of Twente.


Editorial team

U-Today & WP9 of ECIU University

This edition was created by

Maaike Platvoet (editor-in-chief at U-Today), Sandra Pool (final editor at U-Today), Michaela Nesvarova, Rense Kuipers, Jelle Posthuma and Stan Waning (editorial team of U-Today), Peter Koehorst (freelance writer), Katrin Dircksen (Secretary General ECIU), and Sandra Antanaviciene (ECIU University/Kaunas University of Technology).

Coordinated by

Sandra Pool & Katrin Dircksen

Design and layout by

Mark Bouwhuis, Design Agency Vanille

Technical realisation: Magzmaker

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